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Nelly Hubel

Passenger Stories

Nelly Hubel (nee Gustavson)

Nelly Gustavson’s father, Anton, barely escaped being sent to Siberia.  Whether or not to leave Estonia was an easy decision for him. Eighteen-year-old Nelly was onboard the Walnut with her parents, Anton and Rosalie, her four-year-old little brother Peter, and sister Marie and her son Raagnar.

After arriving in Canada, the family moved to Ajax and finally settled in Toronto. 

Nelly Hubel.

Nelly Hubel

Eighteen year-old Nelly at the Pier21 immigration barracks - 1948.

Hubel family.

Walnut 50th Reunion

From the left: Marie Valge (Gustavson), ? , Peter Gustavson, and Nelly Hubel (Gustavson) at the Walnut's 50th Reunion. 

Walnut album.

Friends Forever Walnut Album

Nelly Hubel and Vivi Kivi became close friends during their time spend together.

"Walnut Voyage 1948 - Recollections from Nelly Hubel and Vivi Kivi"

If browser doesn't automatically download, watch video on YouTube.  The music in the video is used with permission and is written and © by Dr. Roman Toi.  "Armas Jeesus Õnnista" - directed by Rosemarie Lindau.  Sung by Cantate Domino Choir - St. Peter's Toronto Evangelical Lutheran Church 

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