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Voyage Video

A 32-min. documentary video "Destiny of a Tiny Ship" outlining the background of the voyage circumstances, passengers, and voyage of the Walnut ship.

As part of their year-end activities, on April 9th, 2011, the Estonian Ethnographic Society in Canada invited a speaker to the Toronto Estonian House to make a presentation concerning the Walnut voyage.  

For the occasion, Tiiu Roiser put together a documentary-type 32-min. video outlining the Walnut ship's voyage. Entitled "Destiny of a Tiny Ship", the video addresses the reasons Walnut passengers decided to undertake the journey and documents the events. Think of the video as a short synopsis of all the materials found on this website.

Many thanks to the passengers who have so kindly donated their photographs, materials, stories and music. Without their support and materials, this video would not be possible. 

Tiiu Roiser
Walnut video audience

Ethnographic Society members.

Walnut passengers in the audience.

Walnut passengers video viewing

Walnut passengers attending the documentary viewing - 2011.