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Thank You!  Palju tänu!

The following have generously donated photographs, newspaper clippings, stories, permissions, and memories to this site. 

Heather Browne - Ireland
Mrs. Browne - Ireland 
Pastor C.C.W. Browne - Ireland
Noel Guinane - Ireland
Nelly Hubel - Toronto
Mati Idnurm - Toronto
Max Kalm - Toronto
Vivi Kivi - Toronto
Alexander Kozik - California
Nelly Lind - Toronto
Tõnis Lind Jr. - Toronto
Lynda Männik - Hamilton
Paul Rabisson - Toronto
Anne Remmel - Toronto
Eduard Roiser - Toronto
Koidula Roiser - Toronto
Maiu Roiser-Alers - Toronto
Tiiu Roiser-Chorowiec - Toronto
Ivi Saumets - Toronto
Manivald Sein - Toronto 
Ruti Vares - Toronto
Veiko Veski 

Eesti Elu - Toronto, Canada - Tauno Mölder, Elle Puusaag and Vaado Sarapuu

Eesti Rada - Saksamaal/Germany - Karin Aanja 

The Globe & Mail - Toronto, Canada 

The Halifax Herald Ltd. - Halifax 

Pier 21 Museum - Halifax, Canada - Carrie-Ann Smith 

Toronto Star - Torstar Syndication Services - Toronto, Canada 

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The following articles have appeared in various sources.  Some have the Walnut voyage as their subject matter, others make mention of the ship.

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Online Articles - in Estonian

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Pier 21 Museum 

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  • Alexander Kozik Photo Album - Photographs of Estonia
  • - Free photographs for non-commercial use.
  • -  The source for many of the images used on this site.  This is an international, copyleft and free-to-use website for sharing photos, illustrations, vector graphics, film footage and music. As of November 2017, Pixabay offers over 1,188,454 free photos, illustrations, and vectors and videos.