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Linda Leppik Hogorth

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Linda Leppik Hogorth

Oral History 07.07.25LLH with Linda Leppik Hogorth

00:00:43  Linda talks about the difficult transition to Canadian school as she did not know English and was teased by other children for being a foreigner.

Audio oral history conducted by Steven Schwinghamer on 25 July 2007 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The interview is not restricted; contact Museum staff for access to the full interview.  Arrival date: December 13 1948


School was tough, being a foreigner, which was still a novelty for most of the children. And not speaking the language—really tough. I remember being made fun of—the way I was dressed, of course. They were homemade clothes by mother, but I guess not whatever the current style was. And being a shy kid anyway—I remember someone laughing at my clothes and then saying, you know, “I don’t think I like you. You’re ugly.” And it’s funny how that stays with you. When someone says you have low-esteem, maybe it goes back to that. Uh because I had to start—I was eight years-old but I had to start in grade one because of not knowing the language.


Linda (Leida) Hogorth (née Leppik) arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 13 December 1948 as a refugee aboard the Walnut . Linda was born in Estonia in 1940 but left the country when she was only three years old, fleeing when the Soviets re-occupied Estonia toward the end of the Second World War. Linda, her parents and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins left Estonia together, finding refuge in Sweden. The family remained in Sweden for five years before making the journey to Canada. After arriving in Halifax, Linda and her parents were initially sent to Ajax, Ontario where many refugees were temporarily housed in former military barracks. From Ajax, the Leppiks moved to Hamilton for a time before moving to Toronto.


Credit: Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 - Oral History 07.07.25LLH with Linda Leppik Hogorth;  country of origin: Estonia; arriving December 13, 1948;

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